“Integrity, A Valuable Proposition”


Integrity, A Valuable Proposition

For the occasion of ICC’s International Integrity & Anti-Corruption Conference on Friday 7 December 2018, ICC Netherlands presents the book:

‘Integrity, A Valuable Proposition’

 Integrity and Accountability in the Public and Private Sector: Taking it to a higher level


Ten international thought leaders from various fields of expertise share their insights on the importance of business integrity and provide recommendations on a policy, organizational and individual level. Integrity is about ethical behaviour, not about rules. It should therefore be subject to continuous dialogue and development. This booklet aims to promote further thinking and invites you to assess your role in paying integrity forward, wherever you go.

The hard copy version of the book (limited edition) is not available for order. You can download a PDF of the book here.

This book may not be made available on any other domains than www.weekofintegrity.nl. It is, however, permitted to refer to the relevant URL: www.weekofintegrity.nl/booklet. 


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Table of Contents

Henk Broeders, Chairman, ICC Netherlands
Are We Really Overcoming Corruption?
Prof. Mark Pieth, Founder and Chair, Basel Institute on Governance and Professor at the University of Basel
Fostering the Next Level of Industry-led Compliance
Pascale Hélène Dubois, Vice President Integrity, the World Bank Group
The Challenges of Passive Corruption
Dominique Lamoureux, Vice President Ethics and Corporate Responsibility, Thales Group
The Role of Culture and Behaviour in Corporate Governance Codes
Prof. Mijntje Lückerath- Rovers, Professor Corporate Governance at Tilburg University
Making the EU Administration a Standard-bearer for Integrity and Accountability
Emily O’Reilly, European Ombudsman
Why Integrity and Accountability Sound Louder Through the Voice of Business
Richard Bistrong, CEO, Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC and Former FCPA violator, FBI/UK co-operator
Stop the Kleptocracts
Harry Hummel, Senior Policy Advisor, Netherlands Helsinki Committee
Taking Integrity to the Next Level with the ISO 37001 Standard
Pierrick Le Goff, General Counsel and Executive Committee Member, Alstom Group
Fostering Integrity Online: from open data to interpreted data
Bárbara Luiza Coutinho do Nascimento, Public Prosecutor, Rio de Janeiro
How Corrupted are You?
Prof. Marc Le Menestrel, Associate Professor at the University Pompey Fabra and Visiting Professor at INSEAD

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Business integrity and fighting corruption is high on the agenda of ICC Netherlands. Integrity is not just a topic of continuous dialogue within the Dutch borders, but also in an international context. ICC Netherlands promotes this message by organizing workshops and training for the public and private sector, both in the Netherlands and abroad. An active CR and Anti-corruption Commission contributes to the publication of practical guidelines on integrity and anti-corruption. In addition to this, ICC Netherlands has taken the initiative to prepare the brochure “Doing Business Honestly without Corruption”. If you are interested in becoming a member of ICC Netherlands, you can contact the office via info@icc.nl.

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